Selfie Olympics


Clare Myers, Shameless Selfie Snapper


For the first time ever, students at the University of Dallas participated in the worldwide 2014 Selfie Olympics. Across the globe, people of all colors and creeds came together to join in the glorious, shameless self-celebration that is the selfie. From Ellen’s star-studded Oscar photo to Pope Francis’ famous snapshot, selfies have made us laugh and brought us together. Last Friday, UD students jumped on the selfie bandwagon and snapped away. Here are a few of the winners.

Photos courtesy of campus narcissists on Paul Fiesel’s camera with the (notable) exception of the top photo, which is by Rebecca Rosen

Top to Bottom: rumor has it that juniors Zack Wellwerts and Christian Gontarz have been approached by the Office of Admissions to use this picture in promotional UD material; junior Chandler Johnson does justice to one of the classic selfie poses; seniors Ivanna Bond and Kat Dugyon are double-photobombed by an unidentified girl and a Cap Bar drink; ignore her two friends, junior Erin Jones is rocking the “Blue Steel” look; junior Mark Promberger pulls off the tricky upward-angle shot; freshman Derek Kulda is shocked and alarmed to find a camera has appeared in his own two hands; freshmen Chelsey Hogan and Maggie Dombrowski master the multilayer selfie; an entire newsroom failed to come up with words to describe this photo of seniors Joey “Jersey” Mullen and Mike O’Donnell.


Selfie1 Selfie3 Selfie4 Selfie6 Selfie8 Selfie10 Selfie11 Selfie12


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