What is life like for a twin?


Javier Secaira, Contributing Writer


I am an identical twin. Of course, having been a twin for my entire life, it’s a little weird when people ask me about it. It’s like someone going up to a girl and asking, “So what’s it like to be a girl?” Still, there are a lot more girls to ask about being girls than there are twins to ask about being twins, so I decided to answer some common questions about twinness (twinhood? twinocity? you get the idea).

Growing up with a twin is unlike anything. –Photo courtesy of Javier Secaira
Growing up with a twin is unlike anything.
–Photo courtesy of Javier Secaira

First, can we read each other’s minds? Well … no. But there are some things we can do that are not far from it. In preschool we had an uncanny ability to draw the same picture while sitting at opposite sides of the room. The real thing is that I know him better than anyone else — when he laughs at something that no one else is laughing at, for example, I will know that it is probably because of a reference to either “Community” or “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” I am also able to tell what’s bothering him when he doesn’t tell me. Basically, it’s sibling stuff bumped up a notch.

Do we wear the same clothes? While I do know identical twins who wear the same thing nearly every day (it’s a little creepy to be honest), my twin and I don’t typically dress alike. When we were kids, our mom tried to get us different clothes, but we would invariably fight over the same clothes. This eventually led her to buy us the same stuff in different colors. Sometimes we share clothes, but now that we go to different colleges, our styles are usually different.

Is there a third twin? I kid you not, we were actually asked this once. Holding back laughter, we said no. Since then, we’ve come up with “Fabio,” our third twin, whom I’ve always imagined wearing purple.

Finally, what is it like to be a twin? This is the hardest question, but I’ll do my best to explain. Unlike most people, I’ve never had a best friend. I’ve had close friends, but our friendships were not like those between my little brother and his friends, who go bike riding for hours and then eat pizza together. My closest companion was always Mario (I just realized I haven’t yet introduced my brother). He was that person who’d always be game to climb trees, stay up late making up stories, go for a run in dark wooded parks and watch hour-long music videos with me. He is that friend who understands exactly why the fifth episode of “Star Wars” is clearly the best, who can talk me into jumping into freezing water on New Year’s, and who can always yell along to “AWOLNATION” in the car with me. So when I say that I don’t have a best friend, I only say that because most people don’t count siblings. He is my best friend, who also happens to live with me and be my sibling.

Being twins also means we have to get over fights faster, too. It’s hard to stay mad at someone when you have dinner together and then sleep in the same room.

So, what is it like to be a twin? It’s a lot of fun. I have someone who always gets my humor, knows every inside joke, is privy to everything that is going on with me and is always there for me. And I think that last part is the best part.



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