Striking debut from ‘Joseph’ sisters


Olivia Gulino, Contributing Writer


These days in music, there’s a harmonic girl group around every corner. Despite the ubiquity of these melodious groups, they are generally good in my opinion. Perhaps this is due to the genetic advantage of having three or so sisters or cousins (or otherwise-related young women) singing together, producing inevitably tight harmonies. Perhaps it’s the beauty of a simple harmony that is so captivating. Whatever the reason, this branch of indie music is particularly abundant, and the band “Joseph” is no exception.

“Joseph” is comprised of three sisters whose newly released album’s title, “Native Dreamer Kin,” tells their listeners everything they need to know about the band. The name “Joseph” is simultaneously the name of a town in Oregon where many childhood memories were forged, a tribute to the gift of dream interpretation given to the 11th son of the biblical figure Jacob and finally a homage to the sisters’ grandfather.

The emphasis on family and the land is itself an indication of the kind of music you can expect from these sisters: natural tones underlined with strong percussion and overlaid with floating harmonies. In addition, their lyrical approach has an air of storytelling, which is all the more compelling.

What’s more, these sisters do not merely capitalize on the fact that family members generally produce a quality sound when performing together. Rather, each of these sisters possesses a rich voice woven with elements of jazz and folk influence that, when combined, explodes into such a full sound that it far surpasses any preconceived notions you may hold about sister groups. “Cloudline,” the first track off the album, exhibits this perfectly: The track is not overproduced, and the group’s raw sound shows through beautifully while its striking vocal performance grabs your attention.

“Native Dreamer Kin” is an incredibly strong debut LP, especially considering the populated genre the band is entering. I look forward to seeing what these sisters can do.


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