Spring Break


By Tom Farris

Spring! The time of eggs, rabbits and resurrection!

The time when young men fall in love

Just as Lent comes around.

The time when you don’t know if

You need a sweater or no shirt at all.

It’s a peaceful time and a horrible time

When even as the wind gently caresses the birds, bees,

flowers, trees, constructions cones and even roadkill,

Midterms rack our brains with intellectual adrenaline

And hangovers hang over our first days of break

Like rotten eggs over our chest and stomach.

Yes, there is Death, even in Life

As we grow only through Antagonism.

Where was I last year during this time?

Dragging my lame foot through the door

To some Old Cathedral carved

With some French saint statues,

Resting until I prayed enough to gather

My strength for the struggle to come

Walking as a cripple the cobblestones of Nantes

For a cane and a croissant.

Where was I the last couple of weeks?

On a small dock, away from the crowd and bustle

Of the French Quarter and the drinking streets

I sat and contemplated upon the invisible

Schools of fish in the wide Mississippi

And upon the calm expanse of the water

With colors too subtle and varied to list.

We talked of the creation of things,

How Mark Twain made his name.

It was a well-wrought solemnity,

Reflecting upon the life it still gives.

I guess the thing about Spring Break

Is that we can grow because of Beauty too.


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