SG announces 2014-2015 election results


Sally Krutzig, News Editor


Christina Davis, a junior, was elected University of Dallas student body president after an intense campaign. Junior Michael Kalan will assist her as the new vice president. Sophomore Grace Smart will be next year’s treasurer and junior Maggie Krewet will act as secretary.

Davis is an economics major with concentrations in Spanish and pre-medicine. She is also a resident assistant for Augustine Hall. During her time at the university, she has served as co-chair of the Recycling Committee, treasurer of the Executive Council and secretary of the Alexander Hamilton Society. This year, Davis was hired as a legal intern for CHILDREN AT RISK, a nonprofit that works to decrease child trafficking in the state of Texas.

“I want to thank everyone involved in my campaign,” said Davis in a statement to voters, “from the people that worked the polls, the students that voted and everyone who provided support and encouragement.”

Davis is no newcomer to Student Government.

2014-2015 President-elect Christina Davis -Courtesy of Christina Davis
2014-2015 President-elect Christina Davis
-Courtesy of Christina Davis

“Through my initiative, SG has co-sponsored the founding of the official science-department publication, The University of Dallas Journal of Science. I also started the annual visit of therapy dogs to UD’s campus [as a] finals-week detox for students,” she said in a campaign statement. “Finally, I audited the entire SG budget at the beginning of the year to balance and account for all of the budget’s past transactions.”

As president, Davis hopes to accomplish three things. The first is to “increase UD’s Catholic network by hosting a regional SG-sponsored Catholic conference.” She also hopes to “increase the effectiveness of the senate by requiring senators to get weekly feedback from their constituents.” Finally, she wants to “achieve multiple campus improvements” by renegotiating meal equivalency, enhancing the library and streamlining club integration.

2014-2015 Vice President-elect Michael Kalan -Courtesy of Michael Kalan
2014-2015 Vice President-elect Michael Kalan
-Courtesy of Michael Kalan

Davis’ future collaborator, newly elected Vice President Michael Kalan, is also experienced. A holiday enthusiast, Kalan led the effort to decorate campus for Christmas, purchasing a tree and Nativity set for the university. A physics and computer science major, he worked closely with IT in its efforts to upgrade the network, which allowed for a quadrupling of network speed. He also serves as co-chair of the Scheduling Investigatory Committee and distribution manager of the Stall Street Journal.

“My primary job as VP would be to motivate the SG committees and senators to reach their goals. This year alone, SG committees worked to increase student attendance at sporting events by providing food. They have improved recycling around campus by increasing the number of bins available, and we decorated campus for Christmas. As VP, I will work hard to ensure these committees are able to continue their efforts in improving campus and meeting new challenges that arise,” said Kalan.

In a special message to voters, Kalan encouraged students to “move mountains with Mike!”

Secretary-elect Maggie Krewet -Courtesy of Maggie Krewit
Secretary-elect Maggie Krewet
-Courtesy of Maggie Krewit

All week long, students found themselves entrenched in Student Government campaigns. The Mall and campus sidewalks were covered in chalk-drawn advertisements and campaign slogans. Some of the more persuasive messages gave in-depth reasons to vote for certain candidates.

A vote for Dominic Dougherty, one slogan read, is “like voting for doughnuts.” Many students opened their doors to find candidates standing outside of them, often holding baked goods.

Candidate Dominic Dougherty spent Friday walking around handing out chocolate-chip cookies that he “had purposely left in the sun to warm up.” Other students opened their Facebook accounts

2014-2015 Treasurer-elect Grace Smart -Courtesy of Grace Smart
2014-2015 Treasurer-elect Grace Smart
-Courtesy of Grace Smart

to find comments on their profile pictures encouraging them to “vote for Christina Davis.” Fearing students would become anxious in the face of the constant campaigning, Students Government posted supportive messages on its own Facebook page, encouraging students to “Keep Calm and Cast Your Vote.”

Perhaps the most convincing reason to vote, however, was the incentive offered by Student Government. It promised gelato, a well-known UD weakness, to any student who voted. Though an accidental spilling of gelato caused a one-hour delay, few students were discouraged. Most of them stuck around until the fresh gelato arrived.

“Waiting an unreasonably long time in a disorganized line made the experience more authentically Italian,” said junior Matt Leibowitz.

After so much hype and waiting, students can rest easy knowing that the presidential victor has been declared. The craziness and free food are finished until next year.



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