Crusader Spotlight


Emma Polefko, Contributing Writer


MartinDosMartin Cronin is a junior business major. He is a three-year member of the baseball team and a star pitcher. In this interview, he discusses his love of baseball and how it has made his college experience memorable.

EP: How many years have you been playing baseball?

MC: [For] 14 years.

EP: What positions have you played?

MC: I’ve played first base and pitcher, and now I’m pitcher.

EP: Who’s your favorite team?

MC: The San Francisco Giants. San Francisco is a great city with a good sports environment.

EP: Even though spring training just started, do you have any predictions for the World Series?

MC: I’d love to see the Giants there again, but as long as the Dodgers aren’t in it, I’ll be happy.

EP: If you didn’t play baseball, what sport would you play?

MC: Football … the good kind.

EP: If you could be the bat, the ball or the glove, which would you rather be?

MC: *laughing* The ball, because I love to be caressed by my teammates.

EP: Favorite University of Dallas Baseball memory (as of Friday, March 21)?

MC: Freshman year, when we clinched a spot in the conference tournament at the end of the season.

EP: What conference team do you like to play most or find most challenging?

MC: Trinity University — they’re the best team in conference, and playing them brings out the best in all of our players because we have to rise to the occasion.

And rise to the occasion they did! On Saturday, March 22, the UD baseball team beat the Trinity Tigers — the No. 1 Division III team in the nation — with a final score of 9-8. Junior Martin Cronin pitched eight out of the 10 innings. The most notable highlight of the game came when senior Trevor Keele hit a grand slam at the top of the fifth. Sophomore Alex Benza then stole home to win the game.

The team’s next game is Wednesday, March 26 against Arlington Baptist University. This coming weekend, the Crusaders will play at home against Austin College at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 29.



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