ADG reapplies, SG Investigatory Committee formed


Evan Hierholzer, Managing Editor


In response to Alpha Delta Gamma’s fresh application for club status at the University of Dallas, Student Government has formed a Fraternity Investigatory Committee, chaired by junior Alex Taylor and sophomore Matt Cyr, to gauge student, faculty and alumni opinion on the issue and to work toward creating a more permanent policy regarding social fraternities and their presence on campus.

Last year, ADG applied for club status, and its application was rejected by SG.

“Whenever an organization applies for club status at UD, there’s a two-step process. First, [its] charter is either approved or rejected by Student Government, and second, the administration will either accept or reject Student Government’s recommendations,” said junior Will Chavey, SG president. “Last year, Student Government rejected the charter.”

The rejection, however, represented only a temporary denial of club status to the organization. According to Chavey, “[In] the decision made last year, [SG] voted on the charter. [It] did not make any sort of permanent decision.” Now SG is seeking to develop a more permanent solution to the question.

ADG members listen to a question from a member of the audience. -Photo by Peter Sampson
ADG members listen to a question from a member of the audience.
-Photo by Peter Sampson

Chavey indicated that the committee has two goals: “First of all, [to] develop a Greek life policy that Student Government recommends. There are some positives that come from having this debate, but if you keep having the same debate, I think you’re not doing anyone any favors anymore.”

“[The committee is] already in the process … of researching what other schools do, whether that be … other schools in the geographical area, schools of like size, seeing what their approach to Greek life is,” said Chavey.

Chavey did clarify, however, that a Greek-life policy does not imply that Greek life will be allowed.

“Maybe we never let any [social fraternities on campus] and that is our solution,” he said.

Chavey also indicated that the policy would attempt to alleviate concerns about the influx of potentially undesirable student organizations.

“Regardless of whether SG approves of a social fraternity, it would be acting irresponsibly to allow such a fraternity without taking steps to ensure that the one fraternity does not lead to a Greek-life culture on campus — or possibly, additional Greek life at all,” he said.

The second purpose of the new committee is to conduct polling to cull opinion from the UD community.

“We are going to survey the student body, the national alumni board and the faculty and get their thoughts in two different formats. First we’re going to simply poll them. And then we also have an open forum online for people to submit responses that we can put into prepping policy,” said Chavey.

Additionally, before the survey process begins, SG will host a town hall meeting this week to provide students the opportunity to learn about and discuss the questions surrounding the presence of social fraternities on campus.

“We are not going to poll until after these town hall meetings, where people have had a chance to interact; we are trying to get the most informed audience before we poll,” Chavey said.

The first meeting was last Monday, and the next will be Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 8:30 p.m. in Lynch Auditorium.



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