Thu. May 19th, 2022

Jane Ziolkowski, Contributing Writer


If you can’t think of the last time you’ve been to an athletic event, Blue Crew wants you. New this semester from Recreational Sports and Student Government, Blue Crew is a program that rallies support for UD’s athletic teams by encouraging students to attend home games. Through OrgSync and word of mouth, Blue Crew has already drummed up sizeable crowds for the past two men’s basketball games, drawing 70 students for one game and around 200 for the other.

Rec Sports intern, junior Anthony Campise, alerts students who have signed up for Blue Crew on OrgSync about upcoming games. The site is the best way to communicate game times and other details, including the dress code for the event, which usually involves blue. Campise has also handed out over 250 rally towels. Though Blue Crew focuses on men’s and women’s basketball for now, Campise envisions a program large enough to create a home-team advantage for every sport.

Campise acknowledged that UD is a school where many are unfamiliar with the sports culture, especially those who were not involved in athletics in high school. At the same time, however, he suggested that one doesn’t necessarily need to have a background in sports in order to support and respect the hard work of UD athletes.

“We know how much they sacrifice,” said Campise. “Blue Crew is helping them create a good environment, a supportive environment for the games.”

Blue Crew also offers students a release from the monotony of studying.

“It’s good every once in a while to stand up and shout and let it all out,” said Campise.

Campise noted that support for Blue Crew should also come from another quarter: the bench. He hopes that team captains will begin to encourage their teams and the crowd to add energy to games. The Blue Crew encourages both the audience members and the team members to actively demonstrate school spirit.

“I told the guys, if you get into the game […] pump up the bench — that would get everybody going,” said Campise.

Wherever the energy comes from, UD athletes are appreciative of the renewal of school spirit.

“The Blue Crew is loud and not always blue. But [the basketball team] loves it whenever there are lots of fans at the games,” said junior basketball player Mark Promberger.

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