Ultimate Groundhog victory at home


Ultimate frisbee defeats UTD in thrilling Friday match 

 Kevin Key, Contributing Writer


To open up the University of Dallas’ Groundhog Weekend, the University of Dallas Ultimate Club (UDU) put on a riveting night of ultimate-frisbee play. UDU hosted the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) on Friday evening with the help of a massive crowd of UD’s finest fans.

The warm, balmy night made for an exciting game, with UTD leading 8-7 at the half. The teams looked evenly matched, with lots of “hucks” for UTD and great defensive plays by UDU’s Christian Walker and seminarian Christian Gaeta.

Coming into the second half, Coach Paul Utesch called on the team to be even more disciplined in defense and to capitalize when they had the disc. Senior Austin Walker led UDU in cleaning up its game by personally playing both ends of the field and making multiple diving catches and defensive stops. He was aided by clutch points from Zack Wellwerts and Christian Gontarz.

After a long, well-matched game that lasted two hours, spurred on by ardent fans, UDU carried the day, winning 15-10. In the huddle after the game, Christian Walker told the team that it really needed to get the win that night and that he was really looking forward to the newer players getting more playing time.

Members of UDU thank the crowd after an exciting victory on the Bob MacNab Rugby Pitch on Friday night. -Photo by Paul Fiesel
Members of UDU thank the crowd after an exciting victory on the Bob MacNab Rugby Pitch on Friday night.
-Photo by Paul Fiesel

But UDU was not done for the weekend; the ladies of UDU quickly moved on from the home victory in order to focus on their own tournament at the University of Texas the next day.

UDU’s newly formed women’s team, accompanied by a few of their male teammates, got up with the sun to play three games in the cold, windy morning. Since this is the women’s team’s first year and first tournament, the level of expectation was varied but hopeful.

At the end of the day, even though they came away with no wins, the general feelings of the players were those of excitement and anticipation for the games to come. At the end of the day, Utesch told the ladies that their play had exceeded his expectations and that he looked forward to the rest of their season.

None of the games were easy for the team, but it was close to pulling out the win during the last game against its opponent from John Brown University, with a final score of 9-6.

Though it is early in the season, some star players are already emerging such as sophomore Anne Johnson, the team’s leading scorer, and seniors Katherine Dugyon and Gianna Lenzen.


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