Thu. May 19th, 2022

Core Decorum


The spring semester is replete with big name events, even after Groundhog. There is Film Fest, Mallapalooza, Spring Formal, graduation — it’s an exciting time. On the other side of all this anticipation and excitement, though, are a lot of stressful things that take place in the spring, namely, senior theses, comprehensive exams and the seemingly endless job search. Add on to that that no one feels like doing anything but watching trashy TV, taking a nap or sitting around talking about how we don’t want to do anything, and you can imagine how overwhelming the spring semester can be.

I experienced something incredible last Tuesday, which gave me a new perspective on stressful events. Last Tuesday, English majors had their first day of comps. It goes without saying that everyone was on edge: people were reciting lines of poetry left and right and frantically asking each other who wrote which poem — I felt like I couldn’t get through 30 minutes without coming up with some stupid pun to help me remember something. What was amazing, though, was how supportive everyone was that day. I figured English majors would be supportive — we were all in the same boat and there was a mutual understanding that at 5:30 p.m., it would all be over.

No one else needed to acknowledge that we had comps that day, but people did more than acknowledge it. A Cap Bar barista brought me a chai tea latte in the Fish Bowl because he knew I was tired and nervous. Another friend offered to make me food if I didn’t have time to go back to my apartment. Throughout the day, countless people asked me how I was doing, wished me luck and said they would be praying that my test went well.

As stressful as all of these major assignments and projects are, it is an awesome thing to see how much everyone comes together to support one another on days like last Tuesday. The University of Dallas is such a community, and that fact becomes more and more evident to me every day. Good luck with all of your work in the coming weeks, and a special shout-out to seniors who have comps and theses!


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