Hendrickson, Bell honored at 2014 Haggar Awards


Sally Krutzig, News Editor 


Dr. William Hendrickson -photo courtesy of the University of Dallas
Dr. William Hendrickson
-photo courtesy of the University of Dallas

The prestigious Haggar Awards, given to exceptional faculty members, were distributed in a ceremony Tuesday, Jan. 21, at 3:30 p.m. in the Art History Auditorium. This year’s King Fellow was Dr. William Hendrickson, a chemistry professor who specializes in the mechanisms of free-radical reactions. He is well known among the science majors at the University of Dallas for directing the freshman summer science program, the O’Hara Chemical Sciences Institute. Over the years he has acquired over $800,000 in grant money for the university.

Hendrickson’s students were not surprised that he had received the award.

“He presents difficult material in an interesting way and comedic way,” said junior Vincent Athas.

UD faculty members nominate professors who have exhibited particular excellence during the past year as candidates for the King Fellow Award. After several are nominated, it is up to students and alumni to choose the winner. The award can only be bestowed upon a professor who has taught full-time for at least eight years. That, however, is not the award’s only requirement — in order to be nominated, a professor must have contributed to the university in a significant, academic way. Hendrickson has done this not only through the acquisition of grant money, but through the support and advice he has given to students in the sciences.

“He is always excited to teach,” said junior Anthony Masterson. “The time always seems to go by quickly in his class. He would have extra sessions for any student who needed them.”

Another award bestowed during the ceremony was the 2014 Haggar Fellow Award, given to a junior professor who has taught at the university for fewer than eight years. The award went to Dr. Greg Bell, assistant professor of management at the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business. Aside from teaching both graduate and undergraduate students, Bell recently helped UD to become accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

“Dr. Bell is a committed teacher, a prolific publisher, dedicated to his profession and the university and a respected colleague,” said Blake Frank, associate professor of the College of Business, in a statement from the University of Dallas.

In addition to these awards, the Haggerty Teaching Excellence Award was awarded to professors who have displayed outstanding commitment in their classrooms. This award was given to Fr. Robert Maguire, Dr. Maria Perez-Bernardo, Dr. Gregory Roper, Dr. Gerard Wegemer and Dr. Scott Wysong.

Twenty-eight other professors received either a Sabbatical Award or a Scholar Award. The Haggar Awards have been distributed annually since 1985. The top awards were presented along with $5,000.


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