Ten songs to remember as we enter the new year


Olivia Gulino, Contributing Writer


It’s hard to believe that 2013 is rapidly coming to a close, but there’s comfort in the fact that this year is leaving us with some spectacular music.

From beginning to end, 2013 has been a year full of musicians creating countless quality tracks full of innovation. Here is a short list of some of my favorite tracks of 2013:

1. “Further On” – Bronze Radio Return: This band is in the top five list of bands that have thoroughly impressed me this year. Its entire discography is impressive – this track in particular.

2. “Dreaming” – Small Pools: “Dreaming” is an energy-filled ride of a song, and it’s infectious.

 3. “I Wanna Go” – Yuna: This track is indie pop at its finest.

 4. “Tenenbaum” – The Paper Kites: One of my favorite bands dropped its first full-length album this fall, and it’s worth many, many listens.

5. “Wild Country” – Wake Owl: Although it’s simple, this track’s gentle harmonies and pensive lyrics reach deep.

 6. “The Wire” – Haim: 2013 was a year of harmonic sister groups, and this one is top notch.

7. “You’re the Only Thing In Your Way” – Cloud Cult: The swells of violin and guitar are unexpected but oh-so-beautiful.

 8. “Little Numbers” – BOY: Watching the video for this song will only make you fall more in love. (Technically, this song came out in 2011, but it didn’t hit the U.S. of A. until recently, so just go with it.)

9. “Summer Skeletons” – Radical Face: My favorite track off the band’s brilliant new album.

10. “Rumble and Sway” – Jamie N Commons: This track is the epitome of modern-day soul music. Blues elements, a deep baritone and a modern rhythm make for a perfect vintage sound.

As 2013 gives way to 2014, we’re left with some fantastic musical company. What were some of your favorites from this year?


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