Students to publish science journal in spring


Brian Ahern, Contributing Writer


The journal encourages students to publish the kind of research they do in the Haggerty building. -photo by Peter Sampson
The journal encourages students to publish the kind of research they do in the Haggerty building.
-photo by Peter Sampson

A new student-run science journal is being prepared for publication in the spring. It will consist of students’ own scientific studies, research and commentaries on both the hard and soft sciences.

The journal was the idea of juniors Christina Davis and Will Chavey, who were looking to create an academic student organization specifically geared toward helping students find opportunities in the postgraduate and professional worlds.

The journal will begin as an online publication next spring, but it will go on to be published monthly in both online and print forms.

The concept was developed with assistance from the staff of the science departments. Dr. Marcy Brown Marsden, the associate dean of Constantin College, is serving as head patron of the journal.

Davis is working as the managing editor for the journal and is looking for student contributions.

“All students are encouraged to contribute publications to the journal if their research or commentary is accurate, well-researched. Topics on the hard and soft sciences will be published,” she said.

Hard science refers to fields concerning easily measurable data, whereas soft science refers to the sciences concerning human behavior, where it is much more difficult to isolate variables that could affect the outcome.

The journal will be a wonderful opportunity for science majors to get their research published and to draw the attention of scientific institutions.

“In founding the journal, I hoped to give students involved in the sciences an opportunity to showcase and own the research they do as undergraduates … and therein open other research opportunities for them outside the UD community,” Davis  said.

Chavey expressed his hope that the journal’s creation will improve the academic integrity of the science departments.

“Over the past couple of years, I had noticed a deficiency in clubs at UD that offered a specifically professional focus,” he said. “Since so many postgraduate opportunities rely on applications of an education – particularly for liberal arts degrees – opportunities like the science journal seemed like a great way to protect the liberal arts integrity of UD while offering students improved opportunities for postgraduate work and applications.”

Davis and Chavey have already put a considerable amount of work into the journal, working with faculty and staff to ensure its publication in the spring.“For science, I knew journals like this existed, so I began talking to some of the science faculty and a few science students about the idea,” Chavey said.  “In general they were on board, but then I saw that Christina was already making progress in the same vein. I wanted the journal to exist; she wanted to be an active part of it. So she took the lead, and I just helped out with advising, meetings and logistical processes to help ensure its longevity. The credit for its creation should really go to Christina – but I am really excited about all of the work she put into it already!”



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