Some tracks to welcome in the autumn weather


Olivia GulinoContributing Writer


When I was walking to class last week, the wind picked up and caused several leaves to smack me in the face, leaving me to make a spectacle of myself as I tried to remove them.

Why am I telling you this? This was the first time that it struck me (literally) that fall is upon us.

This time of year is usually synonymous with pumpkin-flavored everything, hot tea in the evening, and of course, the changing of the leaves. But to me, it is also associated with some pretty fantastic music.

1. “Among the Leaves” – Sun Kil Moon: Not only does this song have “leaves” in the title, but its simultaneously melancholic and upbeat melody and moving lyrics make for an addicting track.

2. “Television” – You Won’t: The rough edges of this track entice you and convey a sense of hopefulness in addition to its already-fun vibe.

3. “My Dear Friends” – Campfire OK: This song helps you understand why the band’s name beckons to a bonfire; it’s perfect for bonding with friends on those chill fall nights.

4. “Line of Fire” – Junip: This band in general reminds me of the feeling of fall, but this track in particular takes me to a warm blanket on a cool night.

5. “Wisely & Slow” – The Staves: The flawless harmonies of this fabulous sister trio will put you in the perfect autumn mood.

6. “While You’re Carrying the Weight” – Patrick Dethlefs: “Days burn like candles,” so you’ll want this beautiful track playing as this fall day comes to a close.

7. “Word by Word” – Bombay Bicycle Club: The gentle riff of the acoustic guitar in this song reminds me of leaves falling from trees, and its sweetness is perfect for an autumn afternoon.

Brew a cup of tea or coffee or cider, settle in with a book, and enjoy the arrival of autumn. This is Texas, after all, so it probably won’t last very long.


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