The Head and the Heart: a headliner full of heart


Olivia Gulino, Contributing Writer


Concerts are a fickle thing. Sometimes you go to a live show and the performance is lackluster at best. Sometimes it’s a good show but nothing outstanding. And then sometimes, it’s simply stunning.

This rare concert experience was mine last Friday night (Nov. 15) when I saw The Head and the Heart headline at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas.

From beginning to end, this show was virtually flawless. Quiet Life, a Portland band with a bluesy folk sound, opened the show with some incredible talent on the keyboard and rhythm guitar.

Quiet Life was followed by the Austin-native band The Eastern Sea, which incorporated some unexpected elements in its set, including a trumpet, multiple tambourines, a beat drum and various maracas. The result was an infectious energy and a more-than-impressive stage presence.

At last, The Head and the Heart claimed the stage, opening with its breakaway hit single “Shake” from its new album, “Let’s Be Still,” released last month. The band’s set focused appropriately on its new album, but gave several nods to its debut effort, rousing the crowd with some old favorites like “Lost in My Mind” and “Sounds Like Hallelujah.”

There were also several pensive moments, including the performance of “Another Story,” a breathtaking track the band wrote about the tragic Newtown school shooting.

On a purely technical note, the performance was impeccable, with the band’s sincerely folk sound deeply resonating with the crowd. But what made this show so special was that it offered the audience so much more than technically on-point music.

What struck me most as my favorite songs were being performed was not the novelty of getting to see this band live, but rather the fact that something beautiful was happening right in front of my eyes.

The Head and the Heart didn’t simply play a gig; it made music on the stage, crafting and developing it in the presence of 500 strangers.

What’s more is that the band drew the crowd into the music as well, and the result was nothing short of a spectacular performance and concert experience.


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