Letter to the Editor


I would like to clarify some points from the article “An end to Prayerful Presence, for the best reason,” published on Nov. 5. The title of this article is misleading, since nothing in my quoted comments was meant to suggest that Crusaders for Life’s weekly ministry, “Prayerful Presence,” has come to an end.

In the time since this article was printed, it has been revealed that Abortion Advantage, the clinic we believed at the time to be closed, remains open for “operational services,” but not abortions. While Dr. Lamar Robinson’s abortion services have been suspended at this clinic, he continues to operate as a gynecology specialist, and is attempting to procure hospital-admitting privileges, which would allow him to practice as an obstetrician abortionist as before.

For now, Crusaders for Life has moved our Prayerful Presence ministry to a clinic in downtown Dallas called Routh Street Women’s Clinic, a clinic which has seen a great increase in patients since Abortion Advantage discontinued its abortion services.

Crusaders for Life has been instrumental in closing abortion clinics in the past, and has never viewed such success as reason to end our ministry, but rather to persist in full force. We will continue to help provide coverage at Dallas clinics however we can, and if we are needed at Robinson’s clinic again in the future, we will take up our place on those sidewalks once more. In the meantime, please consider joining us in prayer outside Routh Street Women’s Clinic on Saturday mornings.

– Ivanna Bond, Class of 2014 and President of the University of Dallas Crusaders for Life


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