Volleyball closes out SCAC tournament with victory


Emily Caples, Contributing Writer


The volleyball team's strong teamwork helped them end their season with a win over Centenary this past weekend.
The volleyball team’s strong teamwork helped them end their season with a win over Centenary this past weekend.

This year’s Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) volleyball tournament was held in San Antonio, Tx, at Trinity University. The first match the Lady Crusaders played was against Colorado College, who came into the weekend ranked second in the conference. The Crusaders entered the match with an absolute drive to defeat the nationally-ranked team.

In one of the best matches that the ladies have played this year, the Crusaders came out strong and battled hard with every player striving and doing her part to take a game, if not the match, from Colorado. After losing the first game (25-17), they managed to take the second game from Colorado (23-25), continuing to fight throughout the third and fourth games, which both resulted in close losses (25-21, 25-21).

The next opponent they faced was Schreiner University, and while the ladies were upset by the loss to Colorado, they tried to use their frustration as fuel for the fight against Schreiner, a team that the Lady Crusaders have not beaten this year. Unfortunately, the girls either tried too hard, or not hard enough, and they made error after error. While their blocking and defense were solid overall, the setters and hitters failed to produce good opportunities to score and make kills. The match ended in a four-game loss (25-19, 19-25, 25-23, 25-19).

The last match of the season was against Centenary College of Louisiana. Filled with the rage of Achilles from losing to Schreiner and the bitterness of having to play for seventh place against Centenary in their final match together, the University of Dallas team came out unwilling to take any prisoners.

The team was truly united in its fervor against Centenary, as the starting players rejected the opposing team’s attempts to earn points. Every player got the opportunity to play in the last match of the year, and the score of the first game stayed in the single digits. The second game Centenary came back, but the Crusaders were triumphant in the close game by staying calm and focused on the play at hand. They won the third game in a manner similar to the first, shutting down any momentum Centenary attempted to generate. The match win went to UD (25-9, 25-22, 25-8), and the Crusaders took seventh overall.

Next year, they look to come back stronger and play harder.



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