Hunter Hunted: music to knock your socks off


Olivia Gulino, Contributing Writer


It’s been my experience that it’s hard to be impressed by an unfamiliar artist or band on the first listen. The first song, if it’s good, may pique your interest, but nine times out of 10, it won’t knock you out of your seat. Hunter Hunted is one of those bands that needs a mere 30 seconds of listening time in order to impress the listener.

Hunter Hunted is the epitome of a break-out band. It formed a mere 11 months ago, and its record since then is, to put it simply, impressive. Here’s some background: Hunter Hunted is the effort of Dan Chang and Michael Garner, artists from Los Angeles. Its sound is full and compelling, rhythmic and exciting. What I love about this band is that placing it in a genre is a slippery task; they almost refuse to be defined. It’s part Phoenix, part Generationals, but ultimately its sound is all its own.

Now for the sad news: the band is still in its inception, despite some pretty significant critical success and recognition. This means that all we have from it so far is its debut “Hunter Hunted” (EP). The silver lining, however, is that this is a brilliant EP. It isn’t timid or unsure as are some debut efforts by bands still developing their sound. Rather, it’s original and fresh, with unexpected elements in the drums and vocals, most notably, in “Operating,” “End of the World” and the band’s breakout track, “Keep Together.” Hunter Hunted’s lyrics are also insightful and compelling, forming an integrated whole with many different musical features. The effect of all of this is a sound so full that it seems to be brimming up over the edge of the track as you listen. So have a listen, but before you do, prepare yourself to have your socks knocked off.



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