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A group of Romers hiked part of the El Camino de Santiago, ending with mass at the beautiful Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. –Photo courtesy of
A group of Romers hiked part of the El Camino de Santiago, ending with mass at the beautiful Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
–Photo courtesy of

The fall Romers took trains, buses and planes to destinations across Europe and the Middle East during this semester’s 10-day vacation. No matter where they went, Romers were enchanted with the beauty and vibrant life of their new surroundings.

Sophomores Ann Kuehl and Maggie Farrell began their 10-day adventure in Lisbon, Portugal.

“[The city was alive] even down to the roads that were paved in black and white colorful cobblestones. Going there was so eye-opening, and it’s … a thriving place that most people don’t even think about [visiting],” said Kuehl.

Also off the beaten path were sophomores Gracie Smart, Keelin Des Rosiers, Matt Cyr, Andrew Narduzzi, Jason Britsch and Javier Secaira, who hiked 112 kilometers of El Camino de Santiago, a trail that starts in France and ends in Spain.

“I loved how awesome the sense of community was, not only among our group of six, but among everyone that was doing it,” said Secaira. “We’re all doing this together, and we have all different reasons, but in the end we all went to [the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain] and Mass together.”

Sophomores John Stein, Adam Brill and David Flynn spent their 10-day vacation in Israel and the Holy Land, where they experienced “the mysteries of the rosary come to life” and gained a “sense of the humanity of Jesus by walking and living and eating as He would have done,” said Stein.

“I left 10-day inspired to live more like [Jesus] in all that I do,” he said.

Meanwhile, sophomore Ryan McAnany and his group spent their first morning in Budapest, Hungary, walking around simply appreciating all that the hidden gem of a city had to offer.

Maddie Reiter described her experience in Paris, France, as “picture-perfect – exactly how you imagine it would be.”

“We had an apartment in the middle of the city, so we were in Paris living as Parisians,” she said.

Sophomore Cecilia Lang spent her 10-day vacation exploring Ireland, and by the time 10-day was over, she didn’t want to leave.

“It was like I belonged there or something. It was truly amazing to immerse ourselves in nature. You could walk anywhere and just … sit down and look at the beauty of Ireland for hours,” she said.

As 10-day drew to a close, many fall Romers carried on the tradition of meeting at the Hofbräuhaus brewery in Munich, Germany, to reunite and share stories over a stein of beer. As each group of Romers walked in, the party got louder, the laughs got longer and the stories got more ridiculous.

“I loved meeting everyone at the Hofbräuhaus because we hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and Rome has brought us all closer together,” said sophomore Jake Loel. “The Hofbräuhaus was just a great way to remind us all of our togetherness and [was] the perfect way to end 10-day.”


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