Core Decorum: Being a good friend is a vocation


Senioritis (n.): a condition of mental paralysis that stems from the recognition that it is one’s final year at college before entering the real world. Side effects include consistently placing social engagements before schoolwork.

As a senior at the University of Dallas, it is difficult for me to ignore what my classmates and I will be missing come May.

There is the obvious fact that we will be working nine-to-five jobs rather than sitting in classes discussing the Western intellectual tradition.

What is harder to stomach, though, is that my friends and I won’t be able to have people over for Sunday brunch, or that running over to a fellow English major’s apartment to discuss our love of “To the Lighthouse” will be out of the question.

Playing the card game “Spoons” with corks (because we have more corks than spoons) will not be a normal occurrence. When you become aware of the expiration date of these things, you develop intense FOMO (fear of missing out).

This leads many seniors to say “yes” to spending more time with their friends rather than writing papers or studying for exams.

It is important to remember that we are college students, and as such, our vocation right now is to be students, which includes accepting the responsibility of doing the work expected of us.

However, there is also virtue in cultivating the friendships we have here. I would be willing to bet that, in 10 years, I will remember the conversation I had with my friend about Woolf’s novel with unparalleled fondness.

My advice to seniors is not to disregard schoolwork; it is to embrace another vocation alongside that of being a student – being a friend.

Graduates from UD will tell you that the friendships made at UD are rare, so strengthen the ones you have now.

To juniors, sophomores and freshmen, I encourage you not to take your years here for granted. Time flies, and you’ll be in cap and gown before you know it.

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