Thu. May 19th, 2022

Jane Ziolkowski, Contributing Writer


This Friday, 50 prospective students from around the country arrived between 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. to experience a weekend’s worth of the University of Dallas. Almost half of the prospective students were from Texas; California was the second most-represented state, with six students attending. Of all the prospective students, 13 applied for departmental scholarships.

On Friday, President Thomas Keefe, along with executive vice president and provost Bill Berry and vice president of enrollment and student affairs John Plotts, addressed the prospective students.

In between sitting in on classes and touring the campus, students ate at the Haggar Café. They had the option of attending the “Revenge Your Roommate” dance on Friday night, and many stayed the night in freshman residence halls to get a better feel for student life.

Prospective parents also received a warm welcome at a wine and cheese reception hosted by President Keefe Friday night.

Both parents and students attended a question-and-answer session with a student panel Saturday morning before departing campus at 2 p.m.

Campus visit coordinator Lucas Preble characterized the prospective students as energetic.

“They were happy – a good group of people,” he said.

The next Odyssey Days event will take place during the weekend of Nov. 22.


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