UD goes wild for Charity Week


Jane Ziolkowski. Contributing Writer


–Photo by Rebecca Rosen
–Photo by Rebecca Rosen

Last week, University of Dallas students and faculty pulled together and raised thousands for Living Water International, The Least Among Us and The Catholic Psychotherapy Association. Charity Week co-chair, junior Chris Goldkamp, estimates that UD donated about $18,000 (exact number unknown at time of printing).

The jail on the Mall brought in the most money for the weeklong event, with students and faculty eager to watch friends suffer behind bars. Many escapes were planned, but few succeeded.

At least one 190-pound male attempted to run from jailers, was caught near Carpenter Hall and was forcibly carried back. Jailers report only minor cuts and bruises, some perhaps owing to a senior chemistry major’s sudden involvement in the scene. Bystanders say he leaped to help the jailers when he saw them sprinting after the brown-haired sophomore. Students, faculty, friends and siblings laughed at each other’s pain and discomfort to the tune of $7,439.44.

Emily McKinnon took first place in the pie-baking contest, one of this year’s new events, winning a pyrex dish for the superiority of her Margarita Pie. Jenna Sommer won second place, and Kathryn Hennessy and Alexa Garcia tied for third.

Clocking in at under 10 minutes, Carl Lehtola was first to finish his pie in the pie-eating contest. Second place went to Brendan Luke, and third place went to Joseph Malone, despite the fact that he did not finish his pie.



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