Men and babies


Emily Lataif, Contributing Writer


Crusaders for Life's membership is largely dominated by women. C'mon, men; it's for the babies! –Photo by Paul Fiesel
Crusaders for Life’s membership is largely dominated by women. C’mon, men; it’s for the babies!
–Photo by Paul Fiesel

I knew that title would catch your eye! On an evening not too long ago, I was sitting in the Science Building classroom 201 with 15 girls and one young man at the weekly Crusaders for Life meeting. As I sat there, I mused over the lack of males in the room.

Men, we need you!

You are protectors, and being pro-life is all about protecting! Scared women are going into abortion clinics believing that abortion is their only option. When a man tries to convince a woman to embrace her motherhood and keep her child, many listen. Think of this as a first world, modern version of the Crusades. I can think of few more noble ways to protect women and children than to encourage mothers to choose life. Besides, what man would not want to be part of a group that is largely made up of beautiful young women?

I challenge you to give just a little of your time. I know there is a strong pro-life sentiment at the University of Dallas. At the risk of sounding cliché, feeling pro-life isn’t enough.

One Saturday morning, make a sacrifice and come pray at the abortion clinic. (There are only a few weeks left before it closes!) I know it’s hard – no one wants to wake up early on a Saturday. But try it.

We have seen that men are substantially more effective than women at convincing mothers to turn away from the abortion clinic and to keep their babies.

We are busy students. I am not suggesting that you come to every meeting, lecture, rosary, fundraiser or Prayerful Presence (praying outside the abortion clinic). But when you’re not weighed down with three papers on one night, when you don’t have soccer practice or when you need a break from studying, come help us protect the women and unborn children who need our help.


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