Dewhurst touts credentials, slams Obama during speech on campus


Hunter Johnson, Commentary Editor


Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst attacked President Barack Obama’s character and agenda in a campaign-style speech given on campus last Tuesday evening. In addition to questioning the president’s honesty about border security, Dewhurst said he believed Obama ought to be impeached from office.

“This man cannot tell the truth,” he said of the president to applause from the audience. “I think Barack Obama ought to be impeached, don’t you? I’m serious; this man has flaunted, this man has disregarded, this man has stomped on federal law time after time.”

Dewhurst, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a former member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), went on to blame the president for the deaths of four Americans in the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“I’m sorry, but as an Air Force vet, as someone who served in the CIA, [I think] he killed those four people in Benghazi.”

The University of Dallas College Republicans and the Greater Irving Republican Club jointly organized the event, held in Lynch Auditorium. Nicole D’Souza, secretary of the College Republicans, said the Irving Republicans had originally organized the event.

“We actually met with the Greater Irving Republican Club, and they had arranged to have Dewhurst talk to them,” she said. “We decided to pair up with them because they needed a place to meet, and we wanted to meet Dewhurst and have him talk to the student body.”

Roughly a dozen UD students were in attendance, along with a few dozen more from the Irving Republican Club. The evening began with an introduction by state representative Linda Harper-Brown.

Dewhurst, who is running for re-election next year against three primary opponents, spent most of his nearly 30-minute speech publicizing his conservative credentials and what he has done for Texas while in office. He praised Texas Senator Ted Cruz for his recent actions against the Affordable Care Act – better known as “Obamacare” – saying that the senator has shined “a bright spotlight on it.”

In addition to criticizing the president, Dewhurst also attacked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for filing a lawsuit against Texas related to its new voter ID law.

“[I’m] 200 percent confident we’re going to send Eric Holder back to Washington on this issue with his tail between his legs,” he said.

Dewhurst also spoke negatively about Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat running for governor next year.

“[I’m convinced] she [will fade] into oblivion after next November’s election,” he said.

Asked her opinion of the lieutenant governor’s speech, D’Souza expressed disappointment with the subject matter Dewhurst chose to discuss.

“I was a little disappointed with it because it was a speech that anyone could give, and he was also doing a lot of campaigning,” she said. “We didn’t want it to be like a campaign thing; we wanted it to be him discussing Texas politics, or more specific Texas politics than general.”

According to D’Souza, the College Republicans plan for a speaker to come to campus each month. Next month they will host state Senator Dan Patrick, who is running against Dewhurst for lieutenant governor.



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