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Maggie Boylan, Contributing Writer

                                       Angelo’s: not the best pizza out there

It’s business as usual for the employees of this family friendly Italian restaurant. –Photo by Maggie Boylan
It’s business as usual for the employees of this family friendly Italian restaurant.
–Photo by Maggie Boylan

Tucked away in West Irving, Angelo’s Spaghetti and Pizza House is an unassuming restaurant that has been a local favorite since it opened its doors in 1966.

The restaurant’s slogan reads: “Angelo’s – when you’re in the mood for Italian food!”

Well, I was indeed in the mood for Italian food, so to Angelo’s I went.

When I walked through the doors (which probably dated back to the restaurant’s founding), I was pleased with the aroma that greeted me.

The decor was simple and charming, nice enough to foster a friendly atmosphere and plain enough not to overwhelm.

A friendly waiter smiled at me, led me to a booth in the back corner, handed me a menu and told me to take my time.

There were plenty of options on the menu, so that extra time was necessary.

By the time my server came back, I had decided to order the Super Six – a pizza with pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers.

Interestingly, Angelo’s does not serve alcoholic beverages, but the restaurant’s policy allows its customers to bring their own.

After waiting about 10 to 15 minutes, my server returned with the pizza. I took up my first piece eagerly, but was disappointed. It tasted a lot like Domino’s pizza, but with about half the flavor.

The mushrooms clearly came out of a can, and the crust was extremely unappetizing. I was so hungry that I managed to gobble down two slices – but I did not take the rest home with me in a to-go box.

Perhaps if I had gotten a pasta dish, my experience at Angelo’s would have been better.

I looked around at the end of my meal and saw that most of the tables were filled with families, so it was obviously a popular place.

Since it was so reasonably priced, I decided I would probably come back to try a different dish.

Until then, ciao, Angelo’s!


Angelo’s Spaghetti and Pizza House

1330 Pioneer Drive Irving TX 75061


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