Giving Day a success for UD


Jane Ziolkowski, Contributing Writer


The University of Dallas received $127,888 in total donations Sept. 19 during this year’s North Texas Giving Day. The amount represents a 158 percent increase from the amount raised as a result of last year’s Giving Day. Faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university donated 334 gifts – 54 percent more than were donated last year.

The total does not reflect the bonus money that the university will receive sometime in late October.

Jim Livernois, director of annual giving programs, expects that UD will easily surpass the $3,000 in bonus money raised in 2012. The total amount may or may not take into account the credit-card processing fees that were accrued on Sept. 19.

A “Golden Ticket” will also augment the total amount raised by $1,000. Every hour of the Giving Day, a donor was chosen at random and $1,000 was awarded to the organization to which he donated. Between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Sept. 19, a UD donor was chosen.

Livernois attributes this year’s success to increased awareness of how Giving Day works. He says the Office of Advancement sent emails, advertised on social media and sent postcards with detailed instructions to more than 15,000 people in August to prepare for the event.

When people started to realize that “someone else [would] give money for [their] money,” said Livernois, they became more inclined to give.

While the event was heavily promoted among both former and potential donors, the donors who participated in this year’s Giving Day would likely have given to the university even if the event did not occur, said Livernois.

Nevertheless, Livernois was happy about this year’s results and optimistic about the future.

“We were very, very pleased,” he said. “Hopefully, next year we can get more people to give at that time and help increase their gift.”

This year, the event set a national record of 25.2 million dollars given in over 75,000 gifts to various nonprofits in North Texas. The exact amount, including bonus money, to go to these organizations will be revealed in late October.



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