Torchy’s Tacos: a new must-taste, hipster-kind-of-place


Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor


If there is one thing that the world should know about me, it is that I absolutely adore tacos. Seriously. When I die, I expect my tombstone to read: “Jamie Kuntz: Beloved Daughter, Sister and Taco-Lover.” So when my roommate told me that there was a “newfangled, hipster taco place,” by Southern Methodist University, I was already throwing on my shoes and wondering if they had good guacamole.

Torchy’s Tacos originated in Austin, so it will probably be familiar to some of you – I’d actually heard a few of my friends from Austin raving about its tacos long before any opened in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It’s pretty much everything I could want in a taco place: friendly staff members, fun atmosphere and cheap (but delicious!) food.

-Photo by Jamie Kuntz
-Photo by Jamie Kuntz

The tacos all have pretty hilarious names. I ended up getting one called “The Democrat” – a corn tortilla filled with beef barbacoa, avocado, queso fresco, cilantro and onions. Now, I’ve eaten a lot of tacos in my day, but this was probably one of the best I’ve had. There were also tacos called “The Republican” and “The Independent” – my friends said they were equally delicious. I also got “The Crossroads” taco, which is made with smoked brisket, grilled onions, jalapeños, cilantro, jack cheese and avocado. My only regret is that it wasn’t spicier, but “The Brush Fire,” served with something called Diablo sauce, sounded rather promising, so I will definitely be ordering that next time. Each taco is only $4 to $5 – that’s a lot of yummy food for a good price!

The margaritas were decent, but the real highlight of the evening was the “nookie,” which is a deep-fried chocolate chip cookie. It’s a clogged artery waiting to happen, but you don’t need to eat a lot – we split three between six people and were perfectly content. They’re very rich, so you won’t want to eat a lot.

There’s really something for everyone at Torchy’s, including some very delicious-looking vegetarian tacos (including the “Fried Avocado,” which I’m kicking myself for not ordering) and even breakfast for early birds. Torchy’s was definitely one of my favorite taco experiences, so hopefully those of you who decide to check it out will be pleased with the food as well!

 Torchy’s Tacos: 5600 SMU Blvd. #102, Dallas, TX, 75206


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