Senior’s popular blog began as a hobby


Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor


Biology major and blogger Anthony Guerra poses in the Art Village with his car.  -Photo courtesy of Anthony Guerra
Biology major and blogger Anthony Guerra poses in the Art Village with his car.
-Photo courtesy of Anthony Guerra


It’s not unusual for people to start blogging as a hobby. University of Dallas students in particular are notorious for having a lot to say, and the Internet is the perfect medium through which to express their thoughts. But senior biology major Anthony Guerra’s website,, is unique – not only because of its content, but because of its sheer popularity. His Facebook page has accumulated over 10,000 “likes.”

“I really like cars and street-wear fashion,” said Guerra. “I would always share links on Facebook to things that I thought were really cool, but then I realized that people probably couldn’t care less.”

So when he found himself with a lot of time on his hands over Thanksgiving break his freshman year, he decided to start a WordPress account.

“It was my hobby. I didn’t drink or party; I just worked on my website and posted stuff,” said Guerra. “My grades got better when I had the website. It was my outlet – you can’t just study all the time.”

Early on, Guerra said, he would only repost links to content on other, bigger websites covering the car-import scene.

“I thought it would just be me resharing stuff,” said Guerra. “I learned the hard way, however, that it wouldn’t be easy.”

When schoolwork began to take up more of his time, Guerra considered shutting down the website.

“Thankfully, by the grace of God, someone whom I had never even met before reached out and offered help,” Guerra wrote on The Big 1,000: A Brief History of Cars x Hype page. “Michael Klonoff came onto the scene. With someone as heavily involved, if not more so, than myself in the car scene, it lightened the load. With Michael in CxH we went hard in the paint and kicked it into fifth gear.”

Klonoff’s extensive connections allowed Cars x Hype to cover events in other areas, such as Southern California and Chicago, which boast the most popular automotive events.

“I never once envisioned that I would have my own photographers going out to shoot stuff,” Guerra said. “Most of us have never met each other. It’s all based on trust.”

Though the website has been recognized by big-name companies and websites and has had its content featured in a new iOS racing game called 2K Drive, Guerra said that he probably won’t focus all of his energy on the website once he graduates.

“I want to go to medical school, and I don’t know if I’ll have as much leisurely time as I do at UD,” he said. “I’ve already passed on a lot of the executive responsibilities to the other crew members just in case I need to take a leave of absence. If anything, I see it as slowly growing to more brand recognition. We’re not a business – we’re not a licensed LLC. I could have gone that path, but it’s just for fun. The oldest ones there are 21, and here we are in the big leagues with people who are already there.”



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