Highs and lows for volleyball


Emily Caples, Contributing Writer


In its second weekend of the season, the women’s volleyball team played in a tournament at Austin College in Sherman, TX.

Here, the Lady Crusaders faced off against Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU), Concordia University Texas, Wheaton College and Bacone College.

The first day resulted in a thrilling four-game win against SAGU; this marks the first time in four years that the University of Dallas has beaten its team. By the very next game, however, the Crusaders had grown too complacent with their exciting win and fought a losing battle in the next five games against Concordia.

Coming into the second day of the tournament, the team adjusted its focus. The defensive line stepped up with well-placed passes, but it did not prove to be enough to make up for the high number of offensive errors.

Its blocking game, however, was much improved from that of the past weekend, allowing the team to score, gain momentum and temporarily shut down some of the opposition’s primary hitters.

Some of the team’s biggest physical drawbacks were inattention to technique and detail and an inability to consistently and immediately side out. Saturday resulted in frustrating losses to Wheaton in three games, and to Bacone in five games.

The mentality on the court was also subpar: There was a will to win, but it was coupled with and overshadowed by fear and a lack of confidence on both an individual and a team level.

The key to recovering from these hard losses, said sophomore Cat Dowgwillo, is “to rely on our teammates for support and to let them know we have just as much confidence in them as they do in us. Looking forward, I can see things on which we need to really focus: not only re-mastering technique in practice, but also rediscovering our love of playing the game.”



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