Beautification: debunking the myths


Joseph Malone & Catie Pool, Contributing Writers

Carpenter Hall will remain with us for at least another three years.
Carpenter Hall will remain with us for at least another three years.

After the publication of last week’s article regarding campus beautification and improvement, many questions were raised among the student body as to why university funds were being allocated to beautify the campus rather than to rebuild those buildings in need of repair, such as sagging Carpenter.

It is important to understand that, as John Plotts, vice president for enrollment and student affairs, said, “any funding for new buildings is done through donations to the university.”

This also applies to the landscaping project that is planned for the entrances to the university. Donations of approximately $300,000 per entrance must be received before the project can begin.

Another topic of discussion involves the residence halls and Carpenter, for which no renovation has been planned.

“Our hope is that [Carpenter] will last three to five more years,” said Plotts.

While there are no renovation plans in the works for the residence halls, President Keefe is currently working on obtaining funding for an academic building, according to Plotts.

Details regarding a possible donation “should be forthcoming this semester if all goes well,” said Plotts.

Many students have also expressed concern about the increase in the freshman class size. The increase, however, will not be as large or as quick as has been rumored. According to Plotts, the plan is to increase the class size from 380 to 400 students over the next three to five years. This is a relatively small change, and the fact that it will be spread out over a few years will minimalize the impact of the increase.

There will still be enough room in the current residence halls to “accommodate this modest growth,” said Plotts.

And while rumors abound over the New Hall’s recent renaming, Plotts said that “the residence hall’s name has remained generic to encourage a donor opportunity.” As of yet, no such donor has come forward. While “Clement Hall,” “Kanye Hall” and several saints’ names may retain their popularity among students, the hall will officially remain “West Hall” for the foreseeable future.


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