Dr. Norris appointed new associate provost


Claire Ballor, News Editor

Dr. John Norris -Photo courtesy of the University of Dallas
Dr. John Norris
-Photo courtesy of the University of Dallas

In keeping with the many faculty changes that are ringing in the new school year, associate theology professor Dr. John Norris has been appointed the new associate provost for the University of Dallas.

After serving several terms as the faculty senate president and establishing himself as a well-respected colleague and professor, Norris will be working with provost Dr. J. William Berry on academic success and retention as well as on faculty development.

“He’s an outstanding faculty member and one of the best teachers and advisors at this school, so he was a clear choice for this position,” said Berry. “Because he is a UD graduate, he understands this school from all perspectives and that greatly qualified him for this position.”

As associate provost, Norris will be providing leadership to the retention and academic success initiative as well as working on a more integrative plan for faculty development, which ranges from recruiting to rank and tenure.

“I hope to be able to build even greater community among the faculties of all four schools, as well as build stronger relations between faculty, staff, administration, students and alumni,” said Norris. “I also look forward to being able to take my knowledge of and enthusiasm for UD’s Catholic liberal arts education and use my time and efforts to make UD’s education even better for its students.”

A UD graduate himself, Norris has a clear understanding of all aspects of the university, which will greatly aid him in achieving his goals as associate provost. In order to fully achieve his primary goal – “making life at UD more joyful and fun for everyone”– Norris will have to spend less time in the classroom. He will, however, still be teaching at least one course each semester; this semester, he will teach Faith and Science.


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