An introduction to the newspaper – A Letter from the Editor


Evan Hierholzer, Managing Editor


It seemed appropriate at the beginning of the year and at the outset of a new newspaper administration to offer the University of Dallas community a brief introduction to the paper, its editorial staff and its philosophy.

To begin, I am truly honored to occupy the position of managing editor. Louis Hannegan, class of 2013, did an excellent job in the position last year, and he certainly left big shoes to fill. That being said, I recognize my position as one of service to UD, and I feel the weight very palpably. My time at this school has provided me with nothing but fruitful learning and gratitude for the people who are so integral to making the university the invaluable institution that it is.

It is from this position of gratitude that I – and, I am sure, the rest of the editorial staff – embark on this, a new semester at The University News. We aspire to serve the community, which means providing stories and articles that are as accurately and objectively presented as possible. Additionally, the newspaper should offer pieces that are interesting, thoughtful, observant and reflective of the high-caliber school that is the University of Dallas.

Joseph Addison and Richard Steele, in their “Spectator” of 1711, seem to express this same dual, informative/entertaining goal for their publication. The purpose Addison and Steele’s periodical served was, in their own words, “to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality.” While I do not envision this paper to be a dispenser of “morality,” I do view the news as a serious responsibility, and the editors are charged with the important task of presenting significant information in a manner befitting its content. At the same time, presenting sober stories, factual reports and opinion pieces must be done with the reader in mind.

I do not mean to simplify the patently complex relationship between facts, objectivity and the subject – it is not my job to do so, even if I could. Suffice it to say, I want the paper to be both reliable and entertaining. To some degree I want the news to be entertaining, and I want the entertainment to be informative. Likewise, our goal will include maintaining standards for our sections, not allowing the news to become so “enlivened” that it becomes unreliable, nor allowing the entertainment to be so “tempered” as to become dry didacticism.

Such delicate editorial interplay is the heart of the newspaper, and The University News has demonstrated a keen sensitivity to it thus far. The editors and I hope to continue this tradition.

We will maintain elements of continuity in the paper, but throughout the semester we will also exercise our freedom to experiment. You do not, however, have to worry about losing your Sudokus or your crosswords. You do not have to wonder whether Commentary will continue to provide thought-provoking, or even controversial stories.

There are some aspects of previous issues – the movie review, for example – which are not included in this first, short paper, but this does not mean that they will not be incorporated in the next issue.

As we progress as a newspaper, and the university itself moves forward with its diverse projects, its growing student body, its simultaneously venerable and quirky traditions, we here at the paper hope you will enjoy the ride and enjoy the reading. I am working with a great staff this year, and I am sure the paper will continue to offer you, the readers, a pleasant and meaningful read.

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