Ups, downs for baseball, and bright future


Chris Schierhorn, Contributing Writer


Baseball head coach Fraser Holmes sees a bright future for the team.
Baseball head coach Fraser Holmes sees a bright future for the team.

As another baseball season comes to an end, there is always a lot to reflect upon. This week, I was able to catch up with head baseball coach Fraser Holmes during his meditation and reflection process on the year, and got his thoughts on the season. He told me that I was lucky to get an interview with him this shortly after the season ended. This interrupts his usual process of refusing to talk about the season until after nearly 500 hours of meditation with his bulldog. But since I am balding just like he is, he made an exception.

Upon a shortened reflection process, Holmes’ takeaway is that “we had a season of ups and downs but our future is brighter than ever.” The team finished with a 20-23 record and a third-place finish in the SCAC. While not the ending the coaching staff had hoped for, the third-place finish still excites Holmes, and he is optimistic about the team’s chances of winning the conference tournament next year. The Crusaders had a very young lineup this year, losing only one starter to graduation. The otherwise intact lineup has the normally stoic coach giddy with excitement.

Coach Holmes believes that the sky is the limit for this young crew next year and that he must push the players to reach their potential. His meditation is helping him develop a new leadership style for next year, modeled after that of a Navy SEAL commander. He told me a list of ideas he has for the guys next year, and they sound really fun. The team will go on 4 a.m. runs every morning, complete with 10 minutes of treading water with bats over their heads in each of the ponds on Northgate. Also, sensors will be installed in the bed of each player, ensuring that they are in bed for the new 9 p.m. nightly curfew. Finally, Coach Holmes wants all of the players to eat healthily and is cooking mandatory meals for the team at his house. The food will consist solely of grilled chicken breasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The sky is the limit for the Crusaders in the years to come. Holmes’ new style for the extremely young team places the squad in a great position for success. The goal next year is a SCAC conference title, and Holmes is very confident that it will happen.


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