UD sports: a year in review


Joe Kaiser, Sports Editor


This year has been a mixed one for sports at the University of Dallas. While some teams struggled with low numbers and injuries, others grew in size. It is definitely an athletics program that will see dynamic changes in the upcoming years. Take, for example, the proliferation of the track and field team. Last season there were only 17 members on the team, and now the roster boasts more than 30 members.

Additionally, new coaches have been hired for many different sports. Angelina Pane was named the new women’s soccer coach. Jeff Guy coached his first season of UD men’s lacrosse. Essentially, all the programs find themselves with a fresh, energetic core.

Especially inspiring is the fact that even the players themselves are a young bunch. Tony Lemos, junior attack for the Crusaders, has been named to the 2013 SCAC Honorable Mention Team. Despite the fact that the men’s lacrosse team was unable to complete the season, Lemos was first in the SCAC for both goals per game (2.14) and shots per game (6.86). Also, freshman baseball player Tug McRoberts was named to the 2013 SCAC All-Tournament Team. McRoberts was fourth in batting average (.378) in the SCAC this year. Overall, it is evident that the best of UD sports is yet to come. This certainly does not detract from the successes of the year, but the University of Dallas has reshaped its programs, and it will yield even more astounding results in the future.

Hopefully, the next years will see not only a flourishing of the programs, but also an increase in the turnout at home games.


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