Mall á la Mode


Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 12.04.09 AMIvanna Bond

Year: Junior

Major: English


Shirt: H&M

Scarf: A gypsy in Rome

Pants: Promod in Venice

Shoes: H&M


JK: What are your fashion influences?

IB: My style has been greatly influenced by UD girls. I definitely copy looks I see around campus. In particular I get inspired by girls who can make anything work (Abby Bagby, anyone?) and girls who always look classy and put together (think Jane Ziolkowski).

JK: How do you shop on a college student’s budget?

IB: I go shopping about once a semester … and usually then just to H&M. But I go thrifting as often as possible, and I’d say about 75 percent of my clothing is from a thrift shop, which is pretty darn inexpensive.

JK: If you could steal from anyone’s closet, whose would it be?

IB: I would definitely steal from the cute and trendy closets of Clare Elfelt and Alex Cheatham.

JK: What was the worst outfit you’ve ever worn?

IB:I had some pretty strange combinations in Rome that I can’t quite come to terms with.

JK: What’s more important: looking good or feeling comfortable?

IB: There shouldn’t have to be a choice. If you don’t feel comfortable you shouldn’t wear it, but that doesn’t give you allowance to wear sweatpants all the time. It’s usually pretty easy to look good without being uncomfortable, but I definitely tend to avoid heels.

JK: Any fashion advice for the readers?

IB: Pretty much everything goes with confidence, but trashy should never be an option.


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