After a year inside the Bubble


Lucie Buisson & Ruth Fritz, Contributing Writers

Two freshmen reflect on their first year at UD:


Lucie Buisson

I  was homeschooled, and my parents and my teachers from my courses on Scholars Online fully prepared me to work hard at my studies. I was not at all surprised by the difficulty of classes here, and I’ve immensely enjoyed the courses I’ve taken. I also knew that classes here, and especially the Core Curriculum, would have immense payoffs, though the more I study and learn, the more I learn just how important the Core is.

None of this really surprised me. The community here did that.

Never have I ever been surrounded by people as kind and godly as those I have found here. At the University of Dallas, the students are full of courtesy and respect. People hold doors open for others, regardless of whether they know them or not, and frequently do acts of kindness for others. For example, a senior in my Latin class—Amanda Bilko—gave me gloves when she realized that my hands are always cold and that I didn’t have any proper gloves here. My friends, if they suspect that there’s the slightest possibility that I’m not OK, immediately ask me how I’m doing. Most people I’ve met, a vast majority, really, are always willing to share whatever they have, whether that means giving you a ride to the airport, sharing food and other supplies they have, or giving up their time to help you with anything at all.

Not only am I getting an excellent education here, but I have found wonderful friends of the sort that I never hoped to have. God has blessed me here at this school.


Ruth Fritz

3 cups of Lit Trad (I, II, III, IV)/History

3 cups of Philosophy/UnderBible

3 cups of Politics/Economics

3 cups of Science/Math

3 cups of Language

1 teaspoon of nonsensical grading systems

2 tablespoon of great professors

½ cup of close friends

A pinch of formals, friendships that don’t work out, (daydreams of) real, live Italian men, Oktoberfest, skunk-sightings and eating cafeteria food.


Mix Lit Trad/History and Language together in one bowl with 1 tablespoon of great professors. Then, in a separate bowl, beat Politics/Economics and Science/Math with nonsensical grading systems and 1 tablespoon of great professors. Add Philosophy/UnderBible; mix well. Add the ‘Euc/Pol/Bio/Grading’ bowl to the ‘Lit/Lang’ bowl and mix until you can’t tell what your major is going to be. Add in ½ cup of friends. Mix well. Then add a pinch of the formals, Oktoberfest, (daydreams of) real, live Italian men, friendships that don’t work out, skunk-sightings and cafeteria food. Pour into a cupcake tin lined with cupcake liners (made from the pages of your copy of the Republic). Bake for 30 minutes at 375° or until golden brown. Use five-or-more-syllable words for icing.  Feeds 3,000.


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