Senior art exhibits


Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.54.00 PMSenior art majors Natalie Rupp, Haley Robertson, Molly Rawicki, Alexandra von Tersch, and Wendi Ruth Valladares have now put up the shows that are the culmination of four years of long nights, hard work and dedication. Rupp’s show focuses on the architecture of St. Louis. Rawicki’s show (featured above) brings the viewer into the hazy memory of a wild weekend night. Robertson’s Memories Suspended on Canvas features disjointed images of childhood moments in earthy tones on raw, ripped canvas. Von Tersch has transformed Gorman into a dark, whimsical atmosphere of dreams and thoughts, featuring weightless jellyfish swimming among objects and symbols of our imagination. The Cap Bar is now home to Wendi Ruth Valladares’ Anoranza, or Nostalgia, which features intricate textured prints and drawings of colorful landscapes, whose titles recall a far-off home.


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