Letter from the Editor


Dear readers of the University News,

This, our final issue, marks the end of this year’s publication. I hope you have enjoyed each week’s issue over the past two semesters. It certainly has been our pleasure to provide to you our best content, from the first to last page of each issue. I hope you have enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

It is also my pleasure to announce to you the managing editor for next year’s publication: junior English major and current copy editor Evan Hierholzer. Taking the reins next fall, Evan, I am sure, will serve the paper—and thus the whole University of Dallas community—with work no less excellent than his academic work thus far at UD.

As the newspaper’s year comes to a close, so too does the academic year. Best of luck on the final push. And to the graduating seniors, allow me to say, in the words of Dr. Olenick: YOHOW!

Louis Hannegan, Managing Editor


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