Mall á la Mode


MALMJamie Kuntz, A&E Editor


Erika David

Year: Senior

Major: Mathematics


Dress: Target

Sweater: Old Navy

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Target


JK: How do you manage to shop fashionably on a college student’s budget?

ED: Watch the deals online. I definitely shop with something in mind, because otherwise you’ll buy unnecessary things. Don’t be afraid to pay full price for something you’ll wear a lot and that is high quality. I also spend time finding staple items that I can wear with a lot of outfits.


JK: Who are some of your biggest fashion influences?

ED: I check out a lot of style blogs. Kendi Everyday is a fashion blog with a lot of good ideas about mixing and matching things you already have in your closet and wouldn’t think on your own to wear together.


JK: Is there any fashion trend that you really, really hate?

ED: I don’t really get the whole leather leggings trend, or really dramatic high-low dresses. I also generally do not approve of Crocs.


JK: What are some fashion trends you love?

ED: Tan or taupe sweaters. I have, like, four. I also like floral prints.


JK: If you could raid anyone’s closet, be it a movie star’s or a friend’s, whose would it be?

ED: Marty Welsh’s! She’s pretty much my fashion idol.


JK: Do you have any fashion advice for the students of UD?

ED: You don’t have to be a longskirt to wear a long skirt! I just got a really cute red chiffon maxi dress, and I can’t wait to wear it.


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