Baseball gets third in SCAC


Chris Schierhorn, Contributing Writer


The University of Dallas baseball team traveled to Georgetown, Texas, this past weekend to compete in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) tournament. The team went 2-2 in the tournament, losing to both teams who competed in the championship game, but eliminating both Austin College and Southwestern University.

The tournament started off with a tough loss to the nationally ranked ninth-seed Trinity Tigers. Junior stud muffin Andy Bossert says the team forgot its “helicopter” to help it fly to victory. Following the loss, the Crusaders played two hard-fought games, defeating Austin College and Southwestern and putting an end to their seasons.

Waiting for the Crusaders in the semifinals was the nationally ranked 24th seed, the Centenary Gents. The Gents brought their big guns to the fight, defeating the Crusaders by cutting their high-powered offence loose and thus ending the season for UD. The Crusaders finished on a strong note, but are certainly not satisfied. They have their eyes set on a conference championship next year.

One might think, OK, every team says it has its eyes on the prize every year, but nothing ever comes of this cheap talk. The Crusaders, however,  are guaranteeing an SCAC conference title next year.  The plan is as follows:  First, all of the old seniors will be swept away like the relics they are. A crop of new, backwards-hat-wearing, cutoff-sporting, studious freshmen will replace them. Also, some remaining players will be making improvements to their bodies to improve performance: “Hot Carl” Cronin is getting arm extensions, Jake Bruns will be getting a pacemaker, Trevor Keele and Mark Carlson are getting bicep implants and Andy Bossert is getting “I’m your Boss” tattooed onto his forehead.

Some people might call these changes a little drastic following a third-place conference finish, but we do not settle for mediocrity at the University of Dallas. These changes, coupled with longer practices, will ensure that the Crusaders hoist the SCAC championship pennant at the end of next season.


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