Poets’ Corner


“Catch Me If You Can”

by Joseph Mazza


Catch me if you can, you’ll never find me now;

I’ve lived a life that’s simple, fast and free

And travelled light, nor stopped to make a vow;

I have no thoughts for anyone but me.

For in a world where constance is fleeting

And mothers abandon their children for naught;

To be steadfast in constantly fleeing

Brings me a sense of the thing I have sought

And women like you—I know all too well,

You amble and jig to have your own way

I’d rather find peace in your passionate hell

Than remember the one who had begged me to stay.

The chance for love came, but I turned and ran;

I don’t exist, so catch me if you can.


“The Chiaroscuro of the Soul”

by Michael Walker


The self-same sun still warms all people’s heads

Across the globe, throughout all history;

The moon illuminates all people’s beds,

A ministry of dreams’ consistory.


The tides may turn, horizons ebb away,

Into the twilight lodged ‘twixt life and death,

Eluding principles of night and day,

Yet He Who moves the heavens moves the breath;


As moisture rises from the earth and sea,

Transforming with each moment skies above,

So shadows of the living cease to be,

While life will last as long as lasts the Love


That paints the chiaroscuro of the soul

In flesh, as color makes the canvas whole.



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