A bit too cynical, Rob


Rob Sherron’s “To our Catholic Great Gatsbys” seems a little too cynical for my liking. Opening his article with the observation that “the University of Dallas is a very fractured community,” Sherron immediately calls attention to division at UD rather than unity, and through immediately emphasizing this fracturing, he contributes more to it. The uniting aspects—not the fracturing—are what should be emphasized, and Sherron does not help to provide any solutions to the divides in the UD community.

Not only does he consider the issue of fragmentation at UD, but he also fails to mention any unifying characteristics at all. What about mentioning the unifying aspect of the Catholic faith—this is “the Catholic university for independent thinkers,” after all. “Catholic” means “universal,” and is not just limited to those who wear long skirts, and I personally think Aquinas would say that in the proper context, leggings are completely permissible.

Also, what about the Core curriculum which all undergraduate students have to take? Regardless of when we go to Rome, we still all get to share in this wonderful opportunity, and the sharing of the Rome semester should be emphasized rather than simply used to point out what Sherron calls “harsh divisions” between the classes.

Furthermore, why even mention the cliques? Are we still in high school, where people focus on cliques and make a big deal out of them? The last time I checked, this is college. I apologize if my lingo is too “new intellect.”

Finally, just because I was not homeschooled and not raised reading the classics does not mean I appreciate the education I receive here any less. At a younger age, I would not have learned as much or appreciated as much reading the great books, but because I am reading these books at a more mature age, I find the insight and wisdom more valuable.

So Rob, based on your article’s style and content, I assume you are a Spromer. Guess what? I am a Fromer, and I would be happy to help fix the divide.

– Mary Jones, class of 2014


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