UD hires new women’s soccer coach


Linda Smith, News Editor


Photo courtesy of Scacsports.com
Photo courtesy of Scacsports.com

Angelina Pane has recently been named the new women’s soccer coach for the University of Dallas Lady Crusaders. She is the eighth person to hold this position.
Pane spent the previous two seasons as a graduate assistant for the Ottawa University (Kan.) women’s soccer team. During her time in Kansas, the Lady Braves finished their 2012 season with a 13-6 record, including a 7-2 mark in the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (KCAC), according to UD’s official press release about Pane’s hiring.
The search for former coach Christina Corona’s replacement began and was concluded within days of her resignation.
“One reason we were successful in finding a highly qualified candidate so quickly is the strong network that Mr. [Dick] Strockbine, UD Athletic Director, has established in his long tenure at UD,” Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs Dr. John Plotts said. “He has served on various committees with the NCAA that have aided in his network development. Once Coach Corona announced her resignation, Mr. Strockbine went to work through his network to find a new coach. As we all know, he was very successful in finding Coach Pane.”
Pane heard about the job opening from a friend.
“A friend who I know through college soccer told me about the university and [its] open position,” Pane said. “I was instantly interested in the position. I emailed Mr. Strockbine, came on an interview, and the rest is history.”
Pane said she was impressed with UD during her visit.
“As I toured the campus on my interview, I was intrigued at the environment UD offers to students,” she said. “Every university has a different environment and student population. UD has a unique environment with something great to offer each student who walks through its door. You don’t just receive an education, you receive a special experience that no other university can offer.”
“Everyone made me feel welcome, assured me how awesome UD truly is, and made me feel like I would always have support as a coach at the university,” Pane explained. “I knew the moment I left UD that day, I wanted to come back.”
Some of the soccer girls, including sophomore defender Emily Dayton, were left wondering what the following season would be like with a new coach.
“Having Coach Corona leave so suddenly got us all nervous about numerous things such as spring season, recruiting for the summer, wondering for the fall, and the question of if we were going to get a good coach,” Dayton said. “I could tell automatically listening to the things she wanted to accomplish for this season that she is extremely dedicated, and I think that made all of us feel a lot better.”
On the enrollment side, Plotts found many “successful” characteristics in Coach Pane that he believes will make her a great asset to the women’s soccer team.
“She is high energy, enthusiastic, dedicated, well-organized, competitive, knowledgeable, experienced as a player, mentored by a good head coach previous to coming to UD, and has already been recruiting some outstanding students for next year,” Plotts said. “I am very excited and pleased that she is at UD, and I look forward to her leadership in our soccer program. I think that she will be very successful in building on the great foundation that Coach Corona has begun.”
In the first week of practice, Dayton has seen that Pane “has the heart and dedication” to ensure that the team is “very successful for the future.”
“I think she automatically clicked with our team, and her personality is strong, confident, and definitely hardworking and trying to make the best out of everything,” Dayton said. “The first week has been great and I’m very excited to see what else she has to bring to this team!”
Pane echoed Dayton’s optimism.
“I hope to provide each student athlete who walks through my door with the best college soccer experience possible, with something to look back on and be proud of,” Pane said. “I hope to bring something new to this program that will push the team to new limits and to the next level.”


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