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Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor

Olympia and Oed show off their styles in a pre-wedding photo shoot. -Photo courtesy of Jamie Kuntz
Olympia and Oed show off their styles in a pre-wedding photo shoot. -Photo courtesy of Jamie Kuntz

Wedding bells are in the air at the Margaret Jonsson Theater, where the University of Dallas drama department will be putting on its mainstage performance. Big Love, by Chuck Mee, tells the story of 50 sisters who have been betrothed against their wills. This week we’ll be interviewing Annie Zwerneman, as Olympia, and Brian Ahern, as her husband-to-be, Oed.

JK: How did you meet?
O: Well … we’re cousins. I don’t know, how did we meet?
Oed: We’ve always seen each other at family reunions at the lake house in the summertimes.

JK: What are you wearing for your wedding?
O: Well, for my ideal wedding I wouldn’t be wearing this outfit. But for this wedding I’m wearing an Alvina Valenta, although I would have preferred a Monique Lhuillier, but there were none to be found back home in Greece. But the best thing about my outfit is the inlaid diamond earrings and the diamonds on my shoes and my diamond tiara. Yeah, I love diamonds. They’re a girl’s best friend. And Oed here! He has a great bow tie! And a cummerbund.
Oed: It’s just some suit.
O: It’s not a suit! It’s a tuxedo.

JK: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?
O: Yes! Yes, I do! Bigger is better—go with the style that complements your body type, but especially lace, glitter, poofy skirts; you really can’t go wrong if you just go big. Lots of diamonds, sparkles—if you ever need some jewelry, just add diamonds!
Oed: Uh, I don’t know.
O: You have none at all? I can give some for you!
Oed: Okay …
O: Well, Oed obviously has some fashion taste because he has a bow tie and a cummerbund that complements my outfit perfectly. Oh! Always wear white socks if you’re wearing white shoes. Oed does that well —right, sweet pea?
Oed: Uh, yeah.

JK: Do you have any relationship advice for the readers?
O: Dance a lot! Do really fun things! Go on picnics! Buy her nice things! Make her laugh! Feed her cake sweetly.
Oed: I just think that marriage is a pretty cool thing.
O: And you have to be in love, right?
Oed: Uh, sure.


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