Crusader profile: Tony Lemos


Joe Kaiser, Sports Editor

Tony Lemos is a junior LAX player who loves sea otters and bulldogs. -Photo courtesy of UDallas Athletics
Tony Lemos is a junior LAX player who loves sea otters and bulldogs. -Photo courtesy of UDallas Athletics

Tony Lemos, junior business major and captain of the men’s lacrosse team, is a busy man.  After a long bout of phone tag, I was able to sit down with him and talk lacrosse.
Lemos hails from Orange County, Calif. Originally, he was a football player, but a running back coach encouraged him to try lacrosse. After giving it a shot, he realized that lacrosse was his sport—he was much better at it.
Lemos has been playing lacrosse for eight years.
“Before the games, I have a long talk with my grandparents,” he said. “It helps to calm and focus me.” Lemos then calls his father as well, who was his high-school coach, to get a bit of a pep-talk.
“The final part of my pre-game,” he said, “is putting on my Under Armour inside out.” He claims that this strategy allows for an “unparalleled smooth feeling” during the game.
As a leader, Lemos endeavors to promote everyone to a leadership role.
“I do it by stressing responsibility and accountability,” he explains. “I want the players to be responsible for their own actions, while holding their teammates accountable.”
He is excited for more recruits next year, since low numbers and injuries have plagued the team thus far. He looks to his family for inspiration.
“My dad, grandpa, uncle and cousin, Dominic ‘Bullet’ Frasch, are all amazing mentors,” he said. “Also, I love Kurt Warner. He is literally the ‘Greatest Show on Turf.’”
After graduating, Lemos plans to start a scuba company with longtime friend Reyes Martinez. He also wants to spearhead an effort to get the sea otters back to southern California, since “they were hunted to extinction in the area by Russian pelt hunters during the 1800s.” Lemos also intends to promote catch-and-release fishing and to open a bulldog farm, purely for his own enjoyment.
“I’d love having a plethora of bulldogs,” he said. “They are the best companions.”



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