Core Decorum: The art of planning a date


First, go off campus. This should be assumed, but I’ll say it anyway: Go off campus. The DART is a great way to do this, as long as you know which stop to use and the walking directions.
Next, take food and other physical needs into account.  If you know you’ll be walking through a park or a museum, let your date know to wear comfortable walking shoes. If you are planning a date during normal lunch or dinner times—or planning a date that lasts several hours—make sure to leave room for food and drink in your plans.
Also, don’t forget to take your schedules into account. Pick a good day, and make sure you know how much time you can spend; for example, don’t plan a six-hour date if you know your date only has three hours free.
Ultimately, you should relax, be flexible and have fun! Even if things don’t go exactly according to plan, learn to embrace the impromptu changes! Honestly, even when plans go “badly,” the way you respond to those changes is way more important than the changes themselves. So just have fun, even if your plans change.
In the end, it’s not where you go or what you do that matters the most: It’s who you’re with.


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