Thu. May 19th, 2022

Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor

Boys, have you ever found yourselves holding back sniffles during an emotional movie? Have you ever carried a sappy chick flick up to the store register and had to lie and say, “Uh, it’s for my mom,” to avoid judgmental looks from the cashier? If so, then never fear – you are not alone.

Joseph Mazza, a New Residence Hall resident assistant, created the event, “Overlooked Works of Art: Or, ‘How I Learned It’s Okay for Men to Cry,’” which will include a lecture and Q&A session by senior Rob Sherron.

Sherron’s involvement in the event was kept secret until advertising for the event went out – so secret, in fact, that Sherron did not even know about it himself.

“Well, I received an interesting message from a friend saying, ‘Hey, I’ve seen flyers for your event everywhere!’” Sherron said wryly when asked how he found out he was giving the lecture. “Joe left a sticky note on my door saying, ‘Oops! Forgot to tell you this? Remember that promise you made?’ and a smiley face.”

Two years ago, Sherron made a promise to give a lecture if a fill-in RA event was ever needed, and Mazza decided that it was about time to cash in.

“Rob thinks he identifies with the poor starving artists in The Notebook and Titanic,” Mazza quipped, “I agree – he has all the talent and a fourth of the looks. Well, maybe a third, after they see his sensitive side.”

Joking aside, though chick flicks may not have been what Sherron himself would have chosen to discuss, he decided to take the topic and roll with it.

“I’ll talk about why chick flicks have problems, especially at UD, and then what chick flick-ish things we, guys included, can watch without being embarrassed,” Sherron said. “It will be funny, fun, and they’ll learn about cool new shows and movies they never would have thought of seeing and would probably enjoy.”

If you’re interested in the event, then head to the New Hall on April 1 at 7 p.m. And it’s okay – if you feel yourself getting a little teary-eyed, don’t be embarrassed. Nobody will judge you.

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