SG Gavel


– Guest speaker Darren St. Romain, a director of food services for Aramark, informed the senate about a number of policies and upcoming ventures for Aramark:

– Allowing staff to serve students their food ensures sanitation and more personable relations between staff and students; however, Aramark is still looking for ways to make lines more efficient.


– There are no set limits to serving portions; issues arise because while students do pay for “all-you-can-eat,” servers do not want food to be wasted. Aramark instructs its servers to be judicious.


– Declining balance is unavailable at the Cap Bar and the vending machines because Aramark does not own either of the two.


– Aramark is looking to get healthy grab-and-go, self-serve food options.


– Aramark is looking into cheaper snack options in the Rathskeller.


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