March Madness returns


Joe Kaiser, Sports Editor

Did Christmas come early this year? No, it’s just March Madness.

Once a year, 64 teams are invited with one simple goal: to win six games in a row against fierce competitors.

But this tournament is unlike any other in existence. The players are not overpaid prima donnas, and for many of them this represents the pinnacle of their basketball career. Without contracts or advertisement deals, they resurrect the true value of sport.

While I will concede that the caliber of the players may not be up to professional standards, the college players make up for it with hustle and pure determination. One does not see that kind of spirit in the NBA.

While disparities between NBA teams are evident (think Bobcats against the Heat), anything can happen during March Madness. Take, for example, Florida Gulf Coast University’s upset of the Georgetown Hoyas – there will be more games just like this.

March Madness is a reason for tears, both of joy and of sorrow. Everyone can watch the tournament and find someone to root for, because, unlike with professional sports, a much larger demographic is brought together by these games. This is partially due to the sheer number of teams; once you add those schools’ students and alumni to the number of people who fill out the brackets, you find a massive crowd of people watching the actual tournament – not just waiting for the advertisements.

March Madness is the pinnacle of sports in the United States and is the most American sports tournament, according to this sports editor.



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