International Week brings camels, fire, dancing


Claire Ballor, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, the College of Business launched its annual International Week. The multicultural celebration kicked off with a parade of flags followed by a mariachi band performance on the Mall.

A firebreather enjoys a different sort of light (right).
A firebreather enjoys a different sort of light (right).

As the band members stood in their charro outfits and played traditional music from Mexico, guests in traditional Indian and African dress, who were gathered around from the parade of flags, joined the dancing students and showcased some of their own cultures’ dance moves. Many other International Week events provided UD students with similar multicultural experiences.

Along with UD students, the families of faculty and staff also join in the international festivities every year. In the past, Rome and summer programs coordinator Jen Massicci has brought her own daughter and nephew to participate in the activities of International Week. This year, she brought them specifically to ride the camels that were brought in.

“They enjoyed it since it was something they wouldn’t usually get to do,” Massicci said. “International Week introduces them to new cultures through hands-on activities so it is both fun and educational for them.”

Many students also gathered on the Tower field Thursday to try out a ride for themselves, while others gathered just to witness the sight of desert camels being led around on the UD lawn.

“My favorite part of International Week this year was definitely the camel rides,” sophomore Cosette Kulda said. “I didn’t know what to expect. I had never ridden a camel before, but I really enjoyed it.”

Along with the camel rides, many different types of food and entertainment were a part of this year’s Claire Ballor international daycultural expo. Students were able to try food from the Mediterranean, Europe, and Asia while also watching dancers perform traditional dances from all over the world. Hands-on activities were also offered, such as henna decoration, Arabic writing and the HOLI paint party.

Sophomore Mark Gigante looked at International Week as an opportunity to participate in many different cultural traditions, all within the comfort of the UD campus.

“It allows a small community to experience many aspects of different cultures from all over the world, without having to go anywhere.”



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